Came across these crushed roses as I was walking to my car this morning. Looked like someone gave up on a fresh bouquet and dropped it then it got ran over. Took out my film camera and as I was snapping this photo wondered who was the despondent one to leave them there- the recipient or the giver?

“I imagined myself as Frida to Diego, both muse and maker. I dreamed of meeting an artist to love and support and work with side by side.” - Just Kids, Patti Smith

Found some year old captures when I got my roll of black and white 35mm back. 

Doug liked denim and Brian liked leather. Together they made a two man band called The Echo & the Sound. We went to my favorite downtown LA bistro, Coco Laurent. I’ve had a lot of meetings there. I went on a few dates there too. The restaurant is now closed down. Like many things in life, even though it was a favorite, I never seem to really miss it.

The Abandoned Plaza

It’s not quite like the times I’ve hopped the fences of my highschool to stream toilet paper around a tree while inebriated- there’s no invasive intent here. We just wanted to do some exploration and it required some sneaky mischief. 

Jenny and I took a little field trip into a town we never set foot in. We ate at a place called Chips, a cute 50’s style family diner with a subtle secret-drug-deal-landmark vibe. We then went to the abandoned plaza that I’ve heard so much about from fellow photographers. It took us a while to figure out how to make it in. Everything was sealed off. Lucky for us, our skinny bodies were able to slip through some nooks and crannies. We crawled under a gate into the structure, creeped around until we found a hole in a wall, and climbed inside.

We found burned artifacts all around. We watched dust particles float in streams of light. We shifted through urban dirt and haunted webs of soot as I took black and white photos on my film camera. It wouldn’t be the first time or last time Jenny and I snuck in somewhere like some dumb hoodrat kids. I think you need friends like that. I think it’s important to have someone who won’t question the occasional itch for delinquency. And, of course, happily join you on those adventures. A partner in crime. 

My Friend Nathan Shoop

I moved to Hollywoodland. I’m at the base of the Hollywood Hills in Franklin Village and my building has a pretty spectacular rooftop. Shoop lives right down the street from me and came over with Pham and TJ. TJ was dressed in women’s clothing which I never got an explanation for but he changed and Shoop grabbed the leopard print blouse from him and threw it over his t-shirt, somehow pulling it off. He took Pham’s favorite hat and wore it for the rest of the night and when it got cold I lent him my army jacket. Shoop’s a chameleon, a thespian, a colorful muse- an actor. He’s a collection of effortlessly cool personalities and stories. He’s a mad weirdo who can pull off anything and a charmer who can get away with most anything. We hung out on my rooftop and pulled an all-nighter which is not a-typical. When he talked about something passionately he would slip into a discreet New York twang since he’s been practicing for his play, Beirut, which is now playing. When the soft morning light started to seep through the clouds, I just had to go to my apartment to snag my camera. I came back to Shoop fast asleep on the rooftop ledge. God forbid that a boy who escaped death many times dies by falling off my roof in his slumber. I wake him up, he lights a cigarette, we talk about Hollywood. He is cynical but hopeful. A realist and an idealist. A disenchanted critic and romantic. And it’s no wonder a guy with so many dualities can pull off a fucking women’s leopard print blouse. 

Just developed a roll of black and white film. Found a few captures from the county fair in there.