1. We meandered the shops in the center of Paris, finding that serendipity was a funny thing as everything we wanted to see, eat, shop, or experience happened upon us. I couldn’t find a reason to hate this city. 

  2. The city of love likes to be ironic from time to time.

  4. Love Lock Bridge

    The famous Pont des Arts bridge crosses the River Seine and carries the weight of many romances. Lovers from all around the world write their names on a padlock, lock it onto the bridge, and then toss their key into the river, sealing their committed love. This summer the bridge suffered some damage as part of the railings collapsed due to the intense weight of all the locks. Lauren and I visited the bridge on our last day in Paris. Something about being around so many tangible symbols of love and lust tugged at me. Paris is like that though- the city of love, paved with romantic touches that incessantly probe at your heart. All that metal around me boasted countless commitments, trysts, flings, and affairs. We sat on the bridge for a good while reading the different locks and a man came up to us and opened up his trench coat to reveal his padlocks and keys for sale. Though extremely single and somewhat heartless, I couldn’t help but purchase a lock like the true hopeless romantic tourist I was. He handed me a sharpie and Lauren and I wrote our names on the lock. The padlock came with two key copies. Lauren suggested we throw one key into the river and save the other key for when we visit the Mediterranean Sea. We added our lock to the glimmering collection and I tossed the key into the water, maybe vowing something to Paris.

  5. And Paris was the kind of city you leave your heart in.


    I will never forget how lovely it was walking through the streets of Marlybone, the few rainy nights where we watched the bustling al fresco restaurants slowly empty out, the gleam of the underground approaching, and the ethereal feel of the light that came through J.D.’s window as I woke up on the couch with a rare perkiness. Lauren and I always had all the enthusiasm in the world for a good breakfast and the day ahead which would inevitably consist of miles of walking, stumbling upon hidden gems like funky record stores and cute coffee shops. 

  8. My traveling summer adventures began with London. Everything was a tad spontaneous. Lauren said she had a friend in London and was going to visit. I joked that I wanted to come. “Come,” she said. But I had work, a job. Rent to pay. Things to get done. But on a Monday morning before leaving for work, I stood in front of my computer screen and decided I didn’t want any of that to matter and held my breath as I clicked a “confirm and pay” button. 

    I used my Lomography Mini Diana camera for the first time in London. When I got the roll developed I was in awe that these square format photos had successful double exposures and funky light leaks. 


  9. From Such Great Heights

    On the fourth of July.



    We sat on Kacy’s helicopter landing pad, watched all of LA’s fireworks go off in the distance, and reflected back on last summer’s antics. 

    Jenny said “Last summer is going to be hard to out-do because we did whatever the fuck we wanted.” 

    It was a summer where my friends and I did little to fight or resist vices, romances, and the product which came from both together. It seemed as though, for a few fleeting moments, every sense of caution in us blissfully and briskly slipped into a coma. 





    I said I bet we can top last summer.